What’s In My Pen Bag?

What's In My Pen Bag?


I love pens! I always have! I’m the type of person that will stand over you when you ask to borrow my pen to make sure you return it! Yes…it’s that serious!

So today I wanted to let you have a peek in my pen bag! My pen bag came from Michael’s. It came in a set with a bigger clear bag that I got on clearance for TWO DOLLARS! SCORE!! I’m pretty sure it’s a cosmetic bag but it works just the same! These pens are the pens I use the most when I journal and plan in my bullet journal. I have way more than what’s pictured here! But I had to slim down my everyday bag because I was carrying around pens I wasn’t using daily.

So let’s go left to right in the picture:

  1. Staedtlers! I just recently purchased these thanks to a 50 percent off coupon at Michael’s and I love them! The colors are vibrant and the lines are thin. These are .3 tip pens. I consider these more markers than pens. But I love to use them to add color to my layouts in my bullet journal.
  2. Mechanical Pencil. Honesty I can’t remember where I bought it, but I believe it came from Dollar General! It came in a pack with 2 other pencils, a pink and a blue. Just a cheap pencil with .7 lead. It does what I need it to do and it’s my favorite color!
  3. The Precision Pens I picked up from TJMaxx! (If you can’t tell by now, I love a good deal!) I don’t use these as often, but I will use them to draw out layouts in my bullet journal or to practice doodles or hand lettering. I’m going to try to pick up zentangles and these are great for that too!
  4. Sharpie Permanent Marker. I’m really not sure why I have this in here! I don’t use it in my bullet journal or journals! However, I always like to have a Sharpie on me in case I need to label something for the kids for school. Plus we have had Sharpie incidents at home so I try to keep those close!
  5. Sharpie Pen. I use this in my bullet journal daily. Mainly to darken in the squares on my task list once a task is finished because it doesn’t bleed through. I don’t like to write with it because the color is very muted.
  6. Pilot G-Tec C-4. I think these have to be my favorite pens! I love the fine line and the colors are bright. A black one also came with this set but somehow I think I messed up the tip and it won’t write well anymore. 🙁 So I pan to order a refill for it so I can use it again. But I keep the other colors and I write with them every so often, mostly in my commonplace book.
  7. Pilot G2 0.5. Next to the above mentioned pens, this is one of my favorites! I love the brightness of the gel ink. It writes smooth and doesn’t smear. I also want to try the .38 tip because I need something a little thinner when writing in my personal size Filofax. I use this pen daily. It came in a two pack but the other one is just about out of ink! I write in my journals, Filofax, my bullet journal, and my commonplace book with this pen! I guess I have a thing for Pilot pens!

Well there you have it! That is my list of my most used pens. Like I said I have plenty other pens not pictured here! But carrying around a huge pen case full of pens I hardly use was weighing down my bag! So this is what I consolidated to. What are your favorite pens? Based on my favorites, are there any you would suggest I try? Let me know in the comments below!

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