5 Tips To Help You Get Started With A Journal

5 Tips To Help You Get Started With A Journal


Want to start the ritual of daily journaling? Great! Start.

Ok I guess you are wondering how to get started! Well let me give you 4 quick tips on how to get started. These are very basic tips, because journaling is a very basic process! So here goes:

1. GET A JOURNAL! The first thing you need to do is pick a journal. This can be any notebook you feel comfortable writing in. YOu don’t have to spend big bucks buying expensive notebooks. As a matter of fact, if you want to journal in a 50 cents composition notebook go right ahead! Your journal is for you. I prefer thicker paper because I despise being able to see the writing on the previous page when I start writing on the back. I currently have a Peter Pauper Press journal that I picked up from Barnes and Noble. I LOVE the paper and the cover design is pretty as well. You can also get very cute journals for great prices at TJMaxx, Ross, etc. Again, you don’t have to spend a lot on a journal. As long as you can write in it, you’re good to go!

2. GET A PEN! Of course, in order to write, you have to have a pen(or pencil) to write with! Once again, no special pen is needed! More than likely, you have a pen laying around your house that you picked up from a hotel on vacation or “accidentally” took after you signed your receipt in the restaurant! (You know you’ve done it!) I prefer fine tip pens so my pen of choice at the moment is the Pilot G2 05. LOVE them!

3. FIND A SPOT TO JOURNAL! Having a quiet space where you can journal is always great! If you are like me, having three kiddies and a hubby doesn’t leave a lot of “me-time” or quiet time! I mostly do my journaling at night when the kids are finally sleep and the house is quiet. Most times this ends up being in my bed. Sometimes I will sit out on my patio. Find that space in your home, in a library, book store, or coffee shop where you can have time to just think and write.

4. DECORATE YOUR JOURNAL! Now this tip is completely optional!! If decorating is not your thing, you can grab your pen and notebook and start writing. If you’re like me and you LOVE washi tape, go buy it all! I kid, I kid! (Kinda!) I love to use washi tape to add a pop of color and decoration to my pages. I will also use small stickers. Everything that I use can be bought at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, or Walmart. I don’t go overboard with the decorating because I like to write on my pages! But this is a great way to add some color to your pages. You can also make your own doodles with pens! (I will have a post soon about exactly what I use for my journal!)

5. WRITE! Now you write! What do you write about, you ask? I write about life in general. I recount the happenings of the day and my feelings throughout the day. You can also use journal prompts. These can be found on Pinterest, Instagram, and blogs all over the internet. I also will find quotes, write those in, and journal about them. You can write about whatever you want!

Starting a journal really is a simple process, if a process at all! If you have been thinking about starting a journal, I hope these tips have helped you! If you want to see more of my journal pics, come follow me over on Instagram!

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