6 Instagram Accounts to Follow For Journal Inspiration

6 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Journal Inspiration

So you’ve decided to start keeping a journal…GREAT! But now you don’t know where to start. Never fear…Instagram is here! I love sharing some of my journals over on my Instagram account, HopeDreamJournal! (Hop on over and follow me to check them out!) I also follow some other journal enthusiasts that share their journals as well.

Today I wanted to share 6 of those accounts with you. Each person has their own style of journaling and no one way is the right way! The main premise here is that you show up to the page and write! Some people decorate heavily and some not at all. It’s totally up to you! I do like to use some little pretties to make my pages a little more appealing, mainly washi tape! (I am obsessed with that stuff! Post coming soon about my essentials for journaling!)

So let’s get to it! Here are 6 Instagram accounts I think you should definitely follow for a little journal inspiration(in no specific order!):

1. CassandraMaeIsOkay Cassandra is a journal lover and has been journaling forever! I would consider her style minimal. She does decorate and even draw in her journals but the main focus is the writing. She writes every day about everything! You can also find her on YouTube!

2. JournalingSage If you don’t know exactly what to write, Dr. Akiyo Kano can help with that! Her Instagram account provides daily journal prompts to help guide you or get you out of a writing funk! You can also visit her website here.

3. AliBrownie Ali is one of the people that got me back into journaling regularly! I love how she mixes her journaling with memory keeping. She adds in photos in her journals and uses ink stains to make her backgrounds stand out. I found her while browsing YouTube one night! She is hilarious and very talented! You can view her YouTube videos here!

4. SailorMimzy If you want to see more heavily decorated pages, Mary is your girl! She has an awesome gallery of journal photos! She uses different mediums such as washi tape, stickers, project life cards, watercolor, and ephemera.

5. Journal_Wild Jen is a journaler from New Zealand! I got connected with her through a Facebook group where she has set up a challenge to journal every day for a year. She is also responsible for me being regular with my journaling again lately. Jen incorporates a lot more art into her journals. You can join her Facebook group at Journaling Dangerously.

6. NinjaTraveling Trina O’Gorman is an advocate for “keeping a notebook”! Her beautiful gallery is filled with pictures of her writing which she shares unapologetically. She journals in her beloved Midori Traveler’s Notebook and she also teaches classes on personal writing! You can learn more about that over on her website!

​​There are plenty of other beautiful and inspirational journal accounts on Instagram but these are just a few that inspired me! Do you share your journals on Instagram? If so, I would love to follow you! Share your Instagram account below! Check the hashtag #MyHeartIsOnEveryPage for some of my journal pics!

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