A Look At My War Binder!

A Look At My War Binder! | HopeDreamJournal.com

Hey y’all! I hear you already… “What’s a war binder?” Lol Well of course I’m going to tell you! So if you’ve watched the movie War Room, you saw how the main character made a “war room” in her closet to go into and pray for her family, where she taped scriptures and prayers all over the wall. Now if you’re anything like me, you don’t have a closet that you can clear out or any other private space. If you remember this post, I talked about my “mobile war room”, which is my prayer journal. I also had my faith journal in my traveler’s notebook. I call this my mobile war room because I can take it where I need to in my home (or outside).

Well I revamped that faith journal after searching Instagram and coming across Rachel’s account! Check out her page and read about her story. It’s heart wrenching and she’s an amazing courageous person! Her journey lead her to create what she calls a “War Binder”. When I saw it I thought, “This is exactly what I’m trying to do with my traveler’s notebook and what I need to help me grow in my faith and prayer life.”

So upon further searching I found out she had a group on Facebook all about these war binders. So I joined the group to learn a little more! The ladies in this group are amazing women of God who are also looking to start or grow their prayer life and their personal relationship with God. They are all very encouraging and I enjoy this group very much! If you’re looking to grow your spiritual life, come by and join us!

Now on to my War Binder!

I decided to continue to use my fabric traveler’s notebook for my war binder. There was no point buying a bunch of stuff to make a binder that I most likely wasn’t going to use. I’m not a big binder girl so I knew that wouldn’t last! I love my journals! (Which is why my prayer journal ended up in a bound journal and not a binder!) I added three inserts to what I already had in my faith journal and I prettied it up a bit! I absolutely LOVE it! And just like with my prayer journal, when you have it in something that you will love to use, it makes you want to use it daily!

Traveler's Notebook War BInder | Hope. Dream. Journal.
So enough of the small talk! I filmed a video for the Facebook group where I walk through my War Binder so I thought I would just share it here! Have a look below! (Please excuse the background noise! LOL)

Will you be creating a war binder of your own? If so, I hope this helps if you decide to use a traveler’s notebook to do so! If you have any questions or comments please feel free to post them below in the comment section!

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