Bullet Journal: My January Setup

Bullet Journal: My January Setup

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a blessed holiday season and are having a prosperous 2016 so far! I enjoyed time with my family out of state over the holidays for Christmas and bringing in the new year! On a sad note, I also had to say see you later to my grandmother who passed away. Even in the sad time it was great to see that side of my family that I rarely get to see. Now I am ready to get back into our normal routine. The kiddies have started back with school and I am trying to get back into this blogging thing!

We are about halfway through January already! CRAZY! It’s been a while since my last post so I thought I would start the new year off with my bullet journal setup for January. If you follow me on Instagram you have already seen a compiled picture of my bullet journal setup. So today I want to give you a more in-depth look!

New or same notebook?

I know many people like to start out a new year with a fresh blank notebook! If I was near the end of mine, that would have been me as well! However, I am not even halfway through the Miquel Rius notebook I have so I will be continuing in this same notebook! Honestly, I don’t think I could even use a different notebook now! I am so used to the size of this one that whenever I finish it I just may buy another one! It’s perfect! (Now don’t quote me on that! We all know how what’s “perfect” today doesn’t work for us tomorrow! LOL)

Introducing 2016…

To make a “introduction” to 2016, I started out with a two page vision board spread. On this spread I collaged inspirational pictures and quotes that tie in with my goals for 2016. These goals cover my family, personal, business, and blog. I figured since I always have my bullet journal with me, this would be a great place to put this where I can see it at all times. I have these goals actually written out and broken down into steps in another journal!

Bullet Journal: My January Setup

Future Log

Following my vision board spread is my future log. This is something new I decided to put in to help with planning out events throughout the year in my bullet journal. This will mainly be for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, the kiddies’ school calendar, and any other big events that may come up later in the year.
Bullet Journal: My January Setup

Monthly Calendar

After the future log I have my monthly calendar for January. Here I will transfer anything from the future log and also put in any other events or appointments as needed. This is also where I keep up with my hubby’s work schedule and work related events.
Bullet Journal: My January Setup

Habit and Challenge Trackers

Up next is my habit tracker and challenge tracker spread. I picked habits that I wanted to keep up with to put in my tracker. I spend a couple minutes at the end of the day shading in what I did that day. Please don’t judge my blank boxes! I am still adjusting to life after the holidays! LOL

The only challenge I am participating in this month is the #planwithmechallenge. So I set up a page with the prompts so I wouldn’t have to keep searching for the picture on my phone! Again, don’t judge the blank boxes! LOL This month I have only picked the ones that pertain to me to post about!

​If you are interested in joining this challenge with me, hop over and join the Facebook group and get in on the action. You can also use the hashtag on Instagram when posting your pictures for the prompts.

Bullet Journal: My January Setup

Weekly Layout

And last but certainly not least, the meat and potatoes of my bullet journal, my weekly layout! This is where I list my to-dos each day. I know many people go day by day but I like to set up a weekly so I can see the whole week at a glance. I do, however, fill it in day by day, so I guess I do dailies in a weekly layout…Does that even make sense?! I hope so! I am still using my weekly layout that I started using back in November, which is a two page spread. I absolutely love it! As you can see I have changed my icons to the normal bullet points. I think it just looks cleaner and goes along with the “aesthetic” in my bullet journal! And this is what the beauty of the bullet journal is all about, being able to customize your system to your wants and needs!
Bullet Journal: My January Setup


As far as collections go, I don’t really have any! I have so many other notebooks for different purposes that I don’t have a need to keep other lists in my bullet journal. And guess what? That is perfectly fine because it’s MY bullet journal and I can do what I want with it! LOL I am excited to use my bullet journal for a full year and see what changes I make and how it helps me progress in life!

I love sharing my process with you all and I also love seeing yours! The bullet journal community on Facebook and Instagram have been so welcoming and I am looking forward to sharing more with all of you in this new year! I have some ideas for my blog also and I can’t wait to share them with you! If you have any questions about anything you see here feel free to comment below or you can drop me an email at hopedreamjournal(at)gmail.com!

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