Bullet Journal Reflections

Bullet Journal Reflections | HopeDreamJournal.com

Hey y’all! So as you know I’ve been using the bullet journal system for planning since October of last year. I love it! I did start out with all of the fancy headers, layouts, collections, etc., but I quickly had to find MY way of making this work for me. Today I thought I’d share my reflections of my bullet journal journey up until now!

Are you actually being productive?!

Now we all know that the bullet journal is meant to be a rapid log to help you be more productive during your day. When I found myself creating more work by adding more and more lists and things to track, I had to ask myself, “Is this helping me be more productive?” The answer was NO!

Some people have adapted the bullet journal as a way to be more creative and I get that. For me as a stay at home, work from home mom, I found that I was spending more time trying to find the perfect layout, then drawing it out, then filling it in…it was taking up too much time. And to be honest with you, I got tired of it! (Read: I can be lazy sometimes!) So for ME something a little simpler was the way to go.

As you know I scrapped the Miquel Rius notebook and opted to move back into my traveler’s notebook, which you can read about here. It’s much more portable and the smaller size doesn’t make me feel like I have to think of things to fill the page so it won’t be empty! PLUS I made it myself so it’s even more special! I still haven’t found a use for the MiquelRius notebook. I thought about going back to doing a fauxbonichi…we shall see!

To Layout or Not to Layout?

As far as layouts go, I now use a printed weekly  insert and I just fill in my to do list as I go each day. Here is my spread from the past week. I love to use stamps and of course washi tape (because…washi!) to add a little decor! The dinner stickers are available on my blog here. I really don’t have many tasks and appointments daily so this works for me right now.

Bullet Journal Reflections | HopeDreamJournal.com

Sometimes I will try to practice very basic lettering in the open spaces. I use this Faber-Castell pen to write in my insert! I love this pen for the fine tip. I also like that it doesn’t drag or smear! (And let’s not worry about my lack of water intake! LOL I’m trying to do better!) This particular insert is just printed at home and stapled together. I used 24 lb printer paper and it works well with the stamps and pen. If you know me, I may be a bit of a paper snob! Ha!

Track All The Things…or Not!

While I LOVE to see all the different spreads and trackers I found that they just didn’t work for me. I was drawing out a huge monthly tracker that I was barely filling in. I found I didn’t really need the tracker to remind me to do things, I just wanted to see the boxes all filled in! So I scrapped that as well. I started MY bullet journal to help me be more productive at home and as a home based business owner. (I have a separate notebook for my business and it’s even more simple than this!) My bullet journal has helped me be more mindful of my time and be more productive. If I write it down I must check it off, right! Check off all the things! I have kept with this style of planning longer than I’ve ever used any printed planner! So I’d say that’s a win!

Have you reflected on your bullet journal journey?

So how has your style of bullet journal evolved since you started? I’d love to hear from you in the comments! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Pinterest for more pics and inspiration!

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