Bullet Journal: Switching to a Traveler’s Notebook

Bullet Journal: Switching to a Traveler's Notebook | Hope. Dream. Journal.

As you know, I have been using a Miquel Rius notebook as my bullet journal since October of last year. (You can read about that here!) I was in love with it! But we all know that new obsessive love can fade quickly! So here I am…falling out of love with it! GASPS! I may or may not have said…

Honestly, I don’t think I could even use a different notebook now! I am so used to the size of this one that whenever I finish it I just may buy another one! It’s perfect!

However I did follow that up with…

(Now don’t quote me on that! We all know how what’s “perfect” today doesn’t work for us tomorrow! LOL)

So today is tomorrow and what was perfect is not working for me anymore! Did that make sense?

At the time, having everything in one notebook seemed like a great idea. But I soon figured out that did NOT work for me. Throwing a collection or some notes in the middle of my weekly spreads…I just couldn’t do it! AND I found that I was not even making collections in my notebook. In the beginning I was doing it because everyone else was doing it. I thought I HAD to put collections in because if I didn’t, it wouldn’t be considered a “bullet journal”! So I just created pages to decorate and “list all the things”! Then I got into MY groove. A weekly layout was all I needed. I just wanted a place to list out a few things to do that day, what we had for dinner, and maybe a quick note or quote.

Towards the end of last month, I got tired of having to draw out my weekly layout. The two page spread that I was using was pretty much EMPTY! I had lost my mojo for the bujo! (Say it ain’t so?!) So I had to do a little brainstorming. It was then that I realized that I missed using my traveler’s notebook as my planner! I missed decorating my pages, which I wasn’t doing in my bullet journal notebook, mostly because of the size of the pages. So I pulled out my weekly insert and put it back in my traveler’s notebook, along with my monthly insert. And here is what my first week looked like…

Bullet Journal: Switching to my Traveler's Notebook | Hope. Dream. Journal.

I use it the same way I used the weekly in my Miquel Rius notebook. I go day by day and fill in my to do list the night before or early that morning. I check off as I go and at the end of the week if anything needs to be migrated, I do so then.

This is the current week…

Bullet Journal: Switching to my Traveler's Notebook | Hope. Dream. Journal.

I LOVE to use stamps and washi tape! I would like to use some small stickers but I just can’t find any that fit with my “aesthetic”! (Because we all have an aesthetic, right?) I prefer simple, mostly black and white with a pop of color, which by now you should know that the pop of color for me is GREEN! Most of the stickers out there are very colorful. (So maybe if I can’t find what I need I should just make them, huh?! I’ll write that in my brain dump section!)

I did a Periscope just the other day on the setup of this traveler’s notebook, along with my spiritual traveler’s notebook, which is a fabric notebook from SunshineNBliss on Etsy. You can view a recording of that Periscope below!

I loved planning in my traveler’s notebook before. I tried the one notebook idea and it just didn’t work for me. The notebook I was using wasn’t portable at all! I take my traveler’s notebook with me everywhere! So it only made sense for me to switch back to what worked instead of trying to force what didn’t. The beauty of the traveler’s notebook system is that you can truly adapt it to fit your needs at any given time just by switching inserts. And now I have everything I need in one “notebook” and still have that separation that I crave. I love it just as much now as I did when I used it before! They say you always remember your first love, right?

Do you use a traveler’s notebook to bullet journal?

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