Traveler’s Notebook Collection: What I’m Currently Using

Hey y’all! Today I decided to give you all a look into my current traveler’s notebook collection and what I use each for! I get asked this a lot so I figured a complete post with information on each would be best!

Over the past two and half years I have used a variety of sizes of traveler’s notebooks from various makers. I’m pretty sure I have used just about every size! The only sizes I haven’t used are micro, passport, B6 Slim, and Composition. But after much searching and testing, buying and selling, I think I have found MY comfortable sizes: pocket, A6, B6, wide, and A5! Each size serves a different purpose. So without further adieu, let’s have a look at the traveler’s notebooks I am currently using and how I’m using them!

Pictured here are the traveler’s notebooks I currently have a use for. From top to bottom:

  • Pocket Foxy Fix Botanical Spring
  • A6 Cristina Gomes Honey Gold
  • B6 Cristina Gomes Key Lime
  • B6 Boho Cottage Cream
  • Wide Cristina Gomes Short Lived Jack
  • A5 Leather Quill Shoppe Pecos

Now for a breakdown of exactly what I use each TN for!

Pocket Foxy Fix Botanical Spring

I was using this notebook as a wallet when I first got it but I have since moved that into an older TN I had. So now I use this one as my “project me journal”. In here I have my goals, a section to pray about and review those goals, an insert for sketching and lettering practice, and an insert to write down poetry as it may come to me. This is not one I use daily. But I did set a goal to start sketching more and try to write more poetry! This size is perfect because I can take it out with me to the park or on a walk or wherever if I need a little inspiration!

A6 Cristina Gomes Honey Gold

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know Cristina Gomes is one of my favorite leather TN makers! She is super sweet and she does excellent work! Plus she kindly customizes whatever you want and she is not afraid to take on the challenge of creating something she hasn’t before. Half of the notebooks you will see here are made by her. My A6 Honey Gold(left in the pic above) was the first notebook I ever ordered from her and it’s one of my top favorites! In this notebook I have my compact Bible and the Our Daily Bread devotional booklet. I use this one daily in my quiet time along with my faith journal.

Wide Cristina Gomes Short Lived Jack

This wide size Short Lived Jack(right in pic above) is my newest traveler’s notebook from Cristina. I use this notebook as my faith journal, or as some call it, War Binder! I condensed all my other faith related notebooks into this one and I am much happier. I actually started out my TN faith journal journey in this size so it feels comfortable being back in it! I use this one daily.

B6 Cristina Gomes Key Lime

Now we all know green is my favorite color! When Cristina debuted this leather there was no way I was NOT going to get one for myself! It is the perfect green! And of course I HAD to use this daily so I use this one now for my bullet journal! I moved out of A6 and into B6 back in June and I love it! This notebook has a suede feel and it’s so soft! This is one of those I will probably keep forever. And just a heads up, she is currently out of this leather. This one, of course, is used daily.

B6 Boho Cottage Cream

This is a new leather from Boho Cottage on Etsy and it is just scrumptious! It is super thick but soft and floppy. I use this one for my personal journal. I have two notebooks from The Paper Cuts in here. I use one as a “morning pages” journal and one as a daily memory keeping journal. I use this one daily.

A5 Leather Quill Shoppe Pecos

This leather is hands down one of my favorites! It comes super smooth and even in color. But of course, I rolled mine to give it some character and soften it a bit! I use this notebook to house inserts to write letters to my children and husband on birthdays and special occasions. They each have their own insert, so it holds 4 inserts. This isn’t used daily.


That’s an overview of the traveler’s notebooks that I am currently using! As you can see they all have different uses. Traveler’s notebooks can be used for whatever your heart desires! They are not just a planner, which I think is a common misconception. In the future, I will be posting some video walk-throughs of each TN individually and show you how I have them set up. Hopefully this post answers the “what do you use all of those for?” question! Lol

*I’d also like to mention that I do have a code for free domestic shipping from Boho Cottage! Use “ALLYCIA” when checking out!

Do you use several different traveler’s notebooks for different purposes? Share with me below how you use them!

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  • Kliopetra Williams

    Hello…your blog was very informative. I’m new to the whole TN process. I have a foxy fix in pocket and B6. I have found that I prefer the B6.

    There are a lot of things I want to use my TN for so I have ordered multiple inserts to add to my B6 vs have multiple TN’s.

    I’m wondering if this will make it difficult for me and if I should separate specific aspects of my life into a separate TN…hmm!!

    Great blog and thank you for sharing

    • Hi Kliopetra! Thank you so much for reading and commenting! I love the B6 size! I say do what’s comfortable for you! Some people like only having one TN with everything in it. I like having mine separate. Do what’s best for you!

  • Beth Schramm

    Hey Allycia! Thanks for these details although I feel like an expert on your notebooks (given that I’m such a fan). But, what is a ‘wide. I always thought that, basically, there were wides for each size. So, when you just say ‘wide’, what is that? Also, the Boho Cottage notebook is lovely, but it looks to have a lot of texture. I tend to prefer smooth. So, I was just wondering. Anyway, thank you!!!

    • Hi Beth! Thanks for stoppping by! The wide that I have from Cristina is just a wider version of the standard side. She also has a cahier size. I only wanted to put a few cahier notebooks in and not have it too wide so she suggested going with the wide standard size instead of the cahier size, which is much wider. Hope that makes clears it up!

      The Cream from Boho Cottage does have a lot of texture but it’s still smooth, if that makes sense! The pebbles are not raised so you don’t really feel them. I’ve always been a smooth leather person myself but I really love this one! It is a really soft and pliable leather.

  • Whoa Nellie

    oh thank heaven…i’m not crazy. I’m seeing someone else using several different journals for different things… and here I thought I was crazy for having all these leather journals in different sizes. Whew!

    • Haha!! We are in this together! Different sizes work for different things right?! 😉

  • Karen Hall Anderson

    Hi Allycia! You have inspired me to do a TN war
    binder! I am thoroughly confused on all these sizes. I think I want a B6 inset so would I do a Cristina Gomes Standard wide? Also do you decorate most of your inserts yourself with washi/stickers/paper or do you have favorite stores you buy them from?

    • Hi Karen! No you would get a B6 TN! I usually buy stickers and washi from the craft stores. I don’t do a lot of shopping on Etsy.