Free Printable Stickers!

Free Printable Stickers

I am forever searching for free printable stickers and there are some very pretty ones out there! But since I have come into my own planning and journaling aesthetic, I have realized that many of them don’t really work for me. I’m very picky about the stickers I use. I am just not a fan of a lot of color going on. It makes my eyes go crazy! LOL

On my weekly schedule, I normally note down what we have for dinner. Not so much for meal planning, but just so I know what we have had and don’t cook the same things every week! I just hand write it at the bottom in the corner of each day. Then I started thinking, a nice clean sticker would be great so I don’t have to write it out and it would look a little more uniform! So I got a little creative and came up with these printable stickers:

Free Printable Stickers!

I printed them at home on a full sticker sheet and I just cut them out as I need them. Here is what they look like in my weekly spread this week:

Free Printable Stickers!

Cute, clean, and simple right?! So naturally I thought it would only be right to share them with y’all! I made a green version(of course) and a black and white version. Feel free to download these free printable stickers and use them in your planners! And of course if you do, please post a pic and tag me on Instagram using the hashtag #HDJstickers!

Click below to download your copy! Enjoy!



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