Getting Started: Advice for Beginners in Planning and Journaling

Getting Started Journaling and Planning

Over on Instagram I am participating in the #PlanWithMeChallenge, hosted by JessicaKim, and Kara! There is a list of planning prompts for each day and you post a pic that goes with the prompt along with a description. I actually completed the entire challenge last month(pats self on back!) so I am giving it a go again this month! If you would like to participate, here is the list of prompts. I am also participating in a Doodle A Day challenge hosted by @InsideMyPlanner!

Getting Started Journaling and Planning

The prompt for today is “Advice for Beginners”. My biggest piece of advice for anyone beginning in planning/journaling would be to take it slow! You don’t have to buy all the things! You don’t need the most expensive planner or notebook. You don’t need every pen known to mankind!

With pre-made planners, I suggest taking your time and researching the different types of planners to see what would best suit you and your needs. Once you’ve picked one, stick with it for at least a couple months. If it’s a ring binder planner, changing the type of inserts can help if you don’t feel the system is working for you. Again, research them before you spend a lot of money on inserts you won’t use because everyone else was using them! YouTube is a great resource to see different planners and inserts in action!

If you want to get into the bullet journal, go to the Official Bullet Journal website and watch the video on the basics of the system and start there. Grab a notebook and a pen and get started with the basics. Once you have gotten your routine and know what your preferences are, THEN you can start to branch out and do more layouts and decoration!

I see so many people NOT starting because they can’t afford a certain planner or notebook…NONSENSE! The purpose of having a planner is to get your life together and get things done, not be in a contest of who has the best and most expensive one! I will admit, I fell into the “BUY ALL THE THINGS” trap when I came across the planning community(as much as my wallet would allow!). You don’t need all the things to get started. While you’re waiting to be able to afford a certain planner or notebook, time is wasting for you to become a more productive mom, wife, student, business owner, etc. Just start! If you have to go to the dollar store and get a notebook and pen, JUST START!

Are you a beginner in the planner/journal community? If so, I hope this was helpful for you! If you are a seasoned veteran, what is one piece of advice you would give someone just starting out? Comment below!

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