Hover Mother


Hover Mother

Remember when your children were babies, and you would spend your waking hours hovering over them, watching them sleep, making sure they were breathing, protecting them from whatever evil may come in the night? Or was that just me?! Oh admit it, you were a hover mother too! Well last night I had the urge to do this. I wanted to go into my children’s rooms and hover over them, watch them sleep, make sure they were breathing, and tuck them in tighter so they felt safe. Only my children are not babies…they are eleven, seven, and five!

Last night I had the thought that every mother dreads when their babies are little: “My babies are not babies anymore!” When we become mothers, we want those precious little bundles of joy to remain that way forever. The new baby smell gives us a high and has us thinking they will be like Peter Pan and never grow up! And then they start crawling, walking, talking, dressing themselves, making their own breakfast…and then reality hits. When did that happen? We get knocked down off of our high and realize that the new baby smell is gone. Replaced by stinky armpits and that “OUTSIDE smell”! (You know the smell, right?!)

Even though my children are older, they are still my babies! Although I did not go in and hover over them last night, I did pray for them. As our children get older and the strings that attach them to our hips loosen, we can only pray for them. There’s so much going on in the world today and we can’t hover over our children every second of every day, although I’m sure many of us sure do try! We have to let them go out and experience this crazy world for themselves and hope that the values we have instilled in them keep them out of the way of harm.

So to any new mother reading this, enjoy those cuddles, breathe in deep that new baby smell, and by all means, hover over your babies and watch them sleep! Those moments don’t last very long. To all my “seasoned” mothers reading this, pray for your children. But if the urge hits you strong enough, have no shame, be a hover mother and go watch them while they sleep! Your babies will always be your babies!

What will you miss most when your little babies are no longer little babies?

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