Level 10 Life: Fruits Of The Spirit

Hey y’all!

I know…it’s been a while! My blog has not been a top priority lately so I wanted to pop in and do some updated posts! I have changed a lot of my systems: my personal journaling, my bullet journaling, my faith and prayer journal, and my bible study journal. I plan to share ALL of that with you! 

Today’s post is a peek inside my bible study journal. I am using a traveler’s notebook in the A5 size. I decided to make one insert a “bible bullet journal” where I will keep lists and trackers dealing with bible study. The spread I am sharing from this is one I first saw in the Jesus Journal Junkies group on Facebook. The idea came from group member Liz Tersigni. She decided to use the Level 10 Life system of goals and apply it to the fruits of the spirit! I really loved this idea so I decided to incorporate it into my own journal. 

As a start I used this blog post to copy down the review questions. My one little word for this year is GRACE. I feel that grace encompasses all of the fruits of the spirit! So I thought using this would be perfect to help me grow in my understanding of grace and how to give and receive it. So here is my layout in my bible bullet journal! 

Then the next day I took some time to really think over the questions and give myself a rating(from 1-10, 1 being the lowest), of how I felt I was doing in each category at this point in my life. Y’all…that was an eye opening experience! It really makes you be honest and helps you see areas where you need improvement. Going in, I already knew what my lowest rated area would be! Here is my layout filled in, total transparency here!

Whew! Going forward, I believe I will pick two areas at a time to really focus on improving. In my goal book(which is in another traveler’s notebook), I plan to write out the areas I am working on, the purpose of that goal/area, and an action plan to help me improve that area. And then actively work towards improving my rating. I will revisit the spread every 2-3 months to reassess myself and see if I feel there has been any improvement. 

I am so glad she shared this and I’m looking forward to using this in my journal and in my life! Do you think this is something you would implement in your journal? I would love to see if you do! Tag me on Instagram @HopeDreamJournal! You can also search #level10life to see more awesome spread ideas! 

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