Mug Life!

Hey y’all! It’s no secret, I love my journals! But there’s something else I love just as much…drinking hot tea! I mean, tea and journals just go together right? (Nothing against coffee drinkers, I’m just not a fan!) And of course if you’re going to drink tea you have to do it in a cute mug, right? Absolutely! But the obsession can get real! Welcome to my mug life! 

When I’m in my favorite stores, I must always visit two aisles: the stationary and the mugs! And somehow a mug always ends up following me home! Imagine that! Well today I thought I’d share some of my mug life with you! Don’t judge me! 

I think I need an entire cabinet just for my mugs! Oh my! And yes there’s a theme! I love black and white mugs and of course if you mix that with green I’m in love! 

I try to make sure all of my mugs get a little love! That’s not weird is it?! What about you? Do you have a mug collection like mine…or maybe more? Tell me I’m not alone! 

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