Newfound Interest: My Commonplace Book

Commonplace Book

If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen me post pics of my commonplace book! I have gotten a few questions about it so I thought I’d dedicate a post about it! This is the notebook I use for my commonplace book. You can use any notebook you would like! Mine is a journal by the company Markings that I picked up from Targe’ (that’s Target for those of you who are giving me the side eye right now!) for about $15. It has thick lined paper and the cover is soft and flexible. It also lays flat when open and has a ribbon bookmark. There is very minimal shadowing, That’s when you can flip the page and read the previous page through it, which I cannot stand! I LOVE this journal and I will probably buy another one for my daily journal when I’m done with my current one. Sidenote: I added the project life card and washi tape to the front of the journal!

Commonplace BookCommonplace Book








Now that I’m done raving about this journal, let me show you what I write in my commonplace book!

Commonplace BookCommonplace Book
I put a table of contents at the front so in case I need to find something quickly I can. Most of the pages in here contain quotes! I love quotes! And when i find one I like I write it down.
Commonplace BookCommonplace Book
Poems and list of books to read.
Commonplace BookCommonplace Book
Quotes, a bucket list, and a list of songs I love.
Commonplace BookCommonplace Book
A song I heard and loved and a place to take notes from a book I am reading.
Commonplace BookCommonplace Book
Notes from an article on my personality type!
A commonplace books hold whatever information you deem important to YOU! Each person will have a completely different commonplace book. It’s not to be confused with a journal, where you write down your thoughts and feelings and chronicle your day. This is a place to write information. Things that you read or hear that you you want to record. Things that you may want to come back and reference in the future. If you do a quick Google search of “commonplace book” you will see many examples from rather famous historic individuals who kept commonplace books!

My interest was peaked when I came across Ellina’s Instagram profile (@ellbrt). She has the most amazing commonplace book! The notebook she uses was a little pricey for me though. Plus I am not a fan of the shadowing in the Tomoe River paper so I knew I wouldn’t like it anyway. (Again, find a notebook/journal that would make you happy to write in!) I fell in love with the concept, did a little research, and started my own commonplace book. I hope to fill it with information that represents me. Many people may read it and think “why would you need to know that?” LOL Well that’s the beauty of a commonplace book. It’s unique to each individual, much like the bullet journal (see my bullet journal post here)! I think that’s why I love these two concepts because I like to stand out and be unique!

Many people already keep a commonplace book and just didn’t know it had a name! Most people refer to it as a brain dump. This is also considered a form of journaling! So, after reading this, do you think you will start your own commonplace book?  Do you already keep one? If so, I would love to see pics! Leave your Instagram name in the comments below!


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