My Current Journal and Planner Setup | June 2017

Hey y'all! 

So, I've shared many setups here before! It seems as though my setup for my journal and my planner are always evolving with my phase of life! Well, currently I am in a phase of simplifying the amount of TNs I am working in daily. 

I found that spreading myself between so many different TNs was just too much and I wasn't really using them the way I intended to. So I downsized my journal from an A5 TN to a B6 TN. I also combined all my other journals into this B6 TN as well. I love this B6 size for my journal! It's not too big that I can't carry it with me in my bag and it's not too small that I don't feel comfortable writing in it. I also moved my bullet journal into this size from my A6. Here are some pictures of my A6(black) and B6(brown) TNs from Boho Cottage on Etsy! 

Now my A6 has become more of my "at home" planner. It still houses my monthly calendar for forward planning, finances, meal planning, and my collections. 

I shared a video on YouTube of my current setup in each! Click here if you'd like to see! 

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