My New War Binder Setup Using Two Traveler’s Notebooks

Hey y’all! 

As I’m sure you have probably noticed, my setups change a lot! Sometimes I  want to add in or take out things and sometimes I just get plain bored with what I have going on and change it completely! This is one of the reasons why I LOVE using traveler’s notebooks! Yes some of them are a major investment up front, but once you have that, filling and refilling it is easier than having to buy a whole new planner system. Plus I can make my own inserts or buy inexpensive ones from stores like TJMaxx! 

I am not a ring binder kind of girl. I never really liked them in school because I always had to take my paper out to write on it. Before finding traveler’s notebooks I used bound journals and SOMETIMES spiral journals(because they irritate me as much as rings) to journal in. When I found out about traveler’s notebooks I was in heaven! I use them for everything now! 

That being said, today’s post is showing how I use two traveler’s notebooks for my War Binder system. I use a pocket size for my faith journal and an A5 size for my Bible study journal. If you’d like to see my setup just click the photo below to watch the video! 

My New Faith Journal Setup
If you have been looking for a way to setup your War Binder/faith journal/Bible study journal, I hope this video has given you some ideas! Again, don’t feel the need to do exactly what I did! This is MY happy. I hope it inspires you to find yours! 

Do you have a faith journal? What are you using? Let’s chat in the comments! 

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