Planner Update: Bullet Journal

Planner Update: Bullet Journal


Yes…I know what you’re thinking! “I thought you said you found planner peace with your traveler’s notebook planner?!” Ummm…well…I did at the time! LOL But then I stumbled across the bullet journal system and fell in love all over again! So what drew me to the bullet journal, you ask? Well I’m glad you asked! Keep reading!

First, I love the simplicity of it! Grab a notebook of your choice and plan your days with a simple bullet style list. I was already using bullet lists in my planner each day so this part wasn’t a stretch. AND I already had this Miquel Rius notebook with graph paper in it so it was perfect! You number your pages and put an index in the front(or should that be a table of contents?) so that you can easily find information you may need later.

Second, the individuality and flexibility of the bullet journal pulled me in. All planner nerds know, we spend so much time(and money) searching for the perfect layout that suits all of our needs. We think we find it and then months(or weeks for some) later it just doesn’t work anymore. But when you buy these expensive planners, you’re kind of stuck with whatever the layout is (unless you have a ringed planner, and then you’re spending more money buying different inserts!). With the bullet journal, you have a blank page. You can make that page into whatever you like. Want a weekly layout? Make it. Want a day on a page? Done. Skipped a whole week? No problem! Just move on to the next date on the next page! No blank pages and no feeling like you have to fill it in after the fact. (I just did this for this past week in my traveler’s notebook planner!) You can also add in any lists or notes as you see fit. They call these collections. And some people actually journal in their bullet journal as well. I will not because I have a dedicated journal already. But I may note down some things I want to include in my journal that day.

Third, there’s no pressure to decorate your pages. This goes back to the simplicity of it. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my washi tape and the occasional stickers! But I had to ask myself, “Self, are you spending more time decorating your planner and shopping for stickers and washi tape than you are tackling your to-do list?” And Self said, “Maybe…” WHAT?! The reason for me getting a planner to begin with was to get more organized at home and with my home based business and get things done! And that is what this system provides. And if you must know, yes I will still use my washi tape! LOL But I will definitely be using less on a page and using what I already have! Don’t judge!

So I am testing out the bullet journal for these last couple weeks of October. My first week was very productive! It feels good to look back at your week and see things checked off…as in you completed the task, not just crossed it off because you didn’t get to it! (Raise your hand if you’re guilty of that!) I will be posting an update at the end of November about how I am progressing with the bullet journal. In the meantime, you can follow me onInstagram to see pics of my beloved BUJO(gotta speak the lingo right)! You can learn more about the bullet journal system over on the official website!

P.S.┬áIf my Miquel Rius notebook looks a little different, it’s because it is! Be on the lookout for a post later this week about my hack for it!

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