Pretty Journaling

Hey y’all! 
When I first started journaling many years ago, it was just pen and paper. I had no clue about what I call “pretty journaling”! Who knew you could use paint, inks, stickers, and different color pens?! And where in the world was washi tape back then? I was seriously missing out! Once I got back into journaling daily last year, and through the wonderful world of social media, I learned a whole new way to journal! 
“Pretty journaling” is just where I prep my pages before I put pen to paper. Some of my favorite things to use for the background are distress inks, acrylic paints, watercolors, and gelatos. Once I have my background done I embellish with washi tape, stickers, journal cards, pictures, and sometimes doodles. Anything goes! But of course not too much because I want to have room to write. The writing is still my main focus! 
Here is an example of a journal layout I did last night. 

This background is done with acrylics that I just swiped on with an old credit card. Doing it that way helps it to dry quicker! I then added some layered washi tape and a few stickers. (I added a couple more stickers after I took this picture but I didn’t take another picture before I started writing!) It’s still simple but adds some color to my pages! I write over this with my beloved Faber-Castell PITT artist pen. I often use the S size for this. 
I love “pretty journaling” now! There are still some days where I just put pen to paper with nothing more than a strip of washi on the page. Like I said my focus is more on the writing. But when I have time I like to jazz it up. Sometimes I will decorate a few pages ahead of time so when I’m ready to write the pages are already done. 
Here are a few more examples of my pages:

Do you like pretty journaling or do you prefer just pen to paper? 

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