Hey there! Welcome to my blog! I am so excited to share my journey with you! This blog will serve the purpose of sharing my thoughts and my interests in hopes that something I share inspires you to hope more and dream bigger! Life is an adventure and I want to take you along on mine!
Let me start off by telling you a little about me! I was raised in the south and the south will always have my heart! I am married to my best friend who is a sailor in the US Navy. We have three children and luckily we got stationed in the south!

I LOVE journals! I can’t resist buying a cute one any time I see one! My favorites have inspiring quotes on them. I have kept journals since I was younger. These journals were my way to vent about my day, good or bad. As I got older, I began to journal less frequently. On for a few weeks, take a couple months off, on again for a few months…so sporadic. Since finding the journaling community on Instagram and Facebook, I have found a new excitement for journaling! The challenge to show up to the page daily, if only to write one line, helped me get back into it regularly.

So this blog will be for me to share my journals! (And because I love pen and paper, I will also throw in some posts about my planner as well!) I think everyone should keep a journal. And hopefully after visiting with me you will run out to your nearest stationery store and buy a pretty journal that will inspire you to put pen to paper daily! And don’t blame me if you can’t stop yourself from buying ALL the journals! And just an FYI: you can journal in a plain composition notebook if that’s what suits your fancy!

Thanks for visiting! Do come back!

Be blessed!


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