Your Story Documented



We all have a story. The best way to share your story is to document it. As a little girl, I kept a daily journal. Each night before bed I would write about my day, what happened, where I went, who was irritating me…everything! It was my way to release at the end of a stressful day. It was my way to record happy feelings and events. It was my way to document my story. I loved writing, pen to paper was soothing! As I got older, my journaling practice became very sporadic.

In the summer of 2015 I came across the planning community on Instagram, which eventually lead me to photos of journals, beautiful journals, and it sparked my love of documenting my story daily once again. In September I started back with my daily journaling practice and I haven’t looked back! I am in love all over again! Now I even keep more than one type of journal!

I know many people will ask why I love writing so much with all the technology out there…I’m sure there’s an app for that, right?! But for me there’s just something about putting pen to paper! It’s a feeling you don’t get from typing on a computer or smartphone. It’s also a creative outlet for me. When my children were born I was going to make scrapbooks for them. I became overwhelmed with the process and never did complete them. Now with the way I journal, I am able to document our lives and not feel like I need to set aside a whole day to create one page. (I know there are many out there who LOVE to do this though and kudos to you! It just wasn’t for me!) I add a little color, washi tape, or stickers to the background, add some photos, write about our day and I’m done!

I think documenting your story should be something everyone should do! Document those special times so that you can share them with your loved ones later in life or just have for yourself to look back on and remember! I also journal for personal reflection. As a stay at home mom who works from home, sometimes it’s hard to find that time to think about ME. I use my personal journal to record thoughts and feelings about my inner journey. This time to just sit and write is my way to reflect on my actions and record my innermost feelings. It’s also helpful when making and working towards goals. I love to look back and see how I have progressed in a certain area of life.

I love documenting my story! Your story deserves to be documented as well! Grab a pen and a journal and start today!

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