My Favorite Pens – 2017 Edition!

Hey y’all!

Over the last few years since discovering the planner and journaling community online, I have also become obsessed with having the “right” pen! In school, I was the kid that constantly sharpened their pencil because the tip had to have a point at all times! So when it comes to pens, I prefer very fine tip pens as well! Well, I have tried many pens and have come to realize that I have a select few that are my go to pens. So in no particular order, I will share those with you and tell you what I prefer using them for!

First up is my beloved Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pen XS(extra superfine)! I know a lot of people prefer the Micron pens but I actually prefer these! The XS is 0.2 tip, I believe. It’s a super fine line and I LOVE this for writing in my bullet journal and in small spaces like in my pocket size TNs! I like to have a crisp sharp line for my everyday lists in my bullet journal. I also like using the S size, which is 0.3, in my memory keeping journal. These are waterproof and they are great for my journal because I use watercolors and then write over them. My only negative is that the tip wears down on these quick. I am fairly light handed but if you are a heavy handed writer, this isn’t the pen for you!

Second is the Sharpie pen! I mainly use these for drawing out my layouts in my bullet journal. The line thickness is a little thicker than my Faber-Castell so it is perfect for drawing out the lines in my layouts. I will also use this in my memory keeping journal from time to time as it is waterproof as well.

Third up is the Pilot G2 in 0.38 tip! This is easily one of my top pens! This pen is a gel pen. I use this pen daily in my personal journal. It is not waterproof but since I don’t use watercolors in this journal it works just fine. This pen gives a fine line with vivid ink color. It is pretty inky for a 0.38 tip pen though.

Fourth is the Uniball Signo Ultra Micro 207 in 0.38 tip. I love the fine lines this pen gives. However, it can be a little scratchy at times and the ink runs out quicker than my other pens. I use this one in my personal journal sometimes as well.

Fifth is the Pentel Hybrid Technica 03 tip! This pen is considered an artist sketch pen but I love it for the super fine line it gives. The ink is not as vivid as the G-2 however. I have used this one sometimes in my personal journal as well. Currently I use it in my faith journal to write my scripture writing in my weekly insert. Because it’s a small space I needed a pen that would write super fine lines and hold up to writing a lot. These write smooth and aren’t scratchy. It is supposed to be waterproof but I can say that water coloring over it makes the ink even more faint.

Last but not least, the Pilot G-Tec C4! I LOVE these pens for the super fine lines they give! I bought a pack of these with 5 different colors. I used the black one maybe a week and the tip messed up and would not write anymore. *insert sad face here* Again, not for heavy handed writers! At some point I will replace it. But of course I use the green one! These are perfect for writing in small spaces! They are not waterproof. They write amazingly though! Not scratchy at all!

So there you have it! These are my favorite pens to write with daily! I also use fountain pens but I will make a separate post for those! Are any of these I listed your favorite as well?! Tell me what your favorite pens are in the comments below!

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